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Me with my Grand-Father Nöel and my Dad Pierre in 2001.

This is a page dedicated to LOUIS "Dit Le Sabotier" GUERTIN.
He was the first Guertin to come to North America and he is the origin of all Guertin in the new world.

I visited France in May 2012, have a look a this Powerpoint on my discoveries in Louis birthplace!

Our first descendant to "Nouvelle France" is credited, along with other recruits, with saving the village of Hochelaga (Ville-Marie) in 1653 from the constant Iroquois attacks.
At that time Ville-Marie, later to become Montréal, was a newly established trading post on the St-Laurence river and it was struggling to survive with only a few handful of inhabitants left.
Louis, our Hero, was recruited from France by Governor Maisonneuve in what is known as " La Grande Recrue" or The Great Recruitment.
For more details on his life, "La Grande Recrue" and his descendants, please visit: Guertin Genealogy page (Thanks must go to Dennis Guertin and his site, for some help on many of the dates below.) I would also like to thank Serges Guertin for his support and relentless work on the subject.

Below is the line from Louis "dit le Sabotier" to me, Pascal Guertin, twelve generations later.............

Louis Guertin from Daumeray,Anger,France, married Georgette Leduc. Together they had a son...................

1: Louis Guertin "dit Le Sabotier" was born on the 28 of June 1625 in Daumeray, Angers, Anjou, France. He died in 1687 and was buried on the 8 of december 1687 in Pointes-aux-Trembles, Quebec.
Louis married Marie Madeleine Elisabeth LeCamus on the 26 of October 1659, in Montreal, Quebec. Marie Madeleine, daughter of Pierre LeCamus and Jeanne Charas, was born in 1645 in St-Viateur, Paris, France. She died in 1680 and was buried on the 20 of july 1680 in Pointes-aux-Trembles, Quebec.
Louis and Marie had 10 children: Marie-Elizabeth, Marie, Catherine, Louis, Madeleine, Pierre, Eustache, Angelique, Francoise and Paul.

2: Pierre Guertin was born in 1671 and died on the 11 of March 1742 in Iles Bouchards, Quebec. He married Anne Giard, on the 11 of April 1695 in Montreal, Quebec. She was born in 1672, in Montreal.
Pierre and Anne had 12 children: Joseph, Gabriel, Pierre, Marie-Catherine, Francois Nicholas, Marie-Francoise, Marguerite, Maurice, Marie-Charlotte, Marie-Anne and Marie-Rose.

3: Gabriel Guertin was born on the 31 of March 1698 in Montreal. He married Marie Josephte Francoise Tetreau, on the 27 of January 1723 in Contrecoeur, Quebec. Marie, daughter of Jacques Tetreau and Marguerite Brunet, was born in 1701.
Gabriel and Marie had 6 children: Louis Gabriel, Marie-Josephe, Francoise-Marguerite, Marie-Angelique, Jacques and Joseph.

4: Louis Gabriel Guertin was born on the 30 of June 1723, in Contrecoeur, Quebec. He died in 1759 and was buried on the 4 of December 1759 in Vercheres, Quebec. He married Genevieve Lachapelle Guyon on the 10 of June 1748, in Vercheres, Quebec.
Louis Gabriel and Genevieve had 5 children: Gabriel, Marie-Genevieve, Louis, Marie-Victoire and Pierre.

5: Louis Guertin was born in 1753. He married Jeanne Jacques, on the 12 of August 1782 in Vercheres, Quebec. She was born in 1762 and died on the 8 of Mai 1783. Widowed, Louis married Marie Louise Petit on the of 17 January 1785 in Vercheres, Quebec.
Louis and Marie Louise had 5 children: Joseph, Louis, Marie, Monique and Michel.

6: Louis Guertin was born on the 26 of November 1785 in Varennes, Quebec. He married Marie Louise Brousseau, on the 11 of October 1813, in Vercheres, Quebec.
Louis and Marie Louise had 3 children: Theotiste, Louis and Louise.
Widowed, he married Charlotte Beaudry, on the 2 of February 1836, in Beloeil, Quebec.

7: Louis Guertin, married Julienne Burel, daughter of Jos Burel and Elisabeth Barabe, on the 18 of August 1840, in Beloeil, Quebec.
Louis and Julienne had 8 children: Philomene(died at 2 years of age), Marie-Louise, Louis, Louise, Philomene, Angele, Azilda and an Unknown (stillborn).
Widowed, he married Marceline Benoit, on the 27 of April 1863. Louis and Marceline had a son: Joseph.

8: Louis Guertin was born on the 18 of March 1847 and died on the 19 of october 1918. He married Elmire Burel, daughter of Prosper Burel and Elmire Quintin, on the 9 of August 1870, in Beloeil, Quebec.
Elmire was born the 18 October 1850 and she died on the 22 of january 1917.
Louis and Elmire had 11 children: Marie-Louise, Caroline, Moise, Joseph(Jos-Pit), Corinne, Alphonse, Pierre, Anna, Rose-Ange, Unknown boy (stillborn), and Henri.

9: Henri Guertin was born the 12 January 1887 and he died on the 6 of july 1946.
He married Clara ( Clarilda) St-George on the 3 of May 1913.
Daughter of Guillaume and Adeline Lamoureux, she was born in 1883 and died on the 27 of november 1956.
Henri and Clara had 3 children: Lucie, Nöel and Roger.

10: Nöel Guertin was born on the 23 of December 1916. He died on the 13 of November 2004. His funerals were on the 20 of November 2004, presided by l'Abbé Nolin, at Ste-Maria Goretti Church, Beloeil, Québec.
His ashes were interred on the 23 of November 2004, at the St-Mathieu de Beloeil cemetery, Québec.
He married Simone Brais, on the 19 of february 1937, in Montreal, Quebec. Simone, daughter of Pierre-Aime Brais and Florida Laporte, was born on the 10 of March 1913. She died on the 15 of November 1999.
Nöel and Simone had 9 children: Pierre, Denis, Yves, Lise, Louise-Marie, Lorraine, Francois, Donald and Diane.

11: Pierre Guertin was born on the 19 of January 1939, in Beloeil, Quebec. He died on the 6 of April 2003. He married Denise Rondeau, on the 6 of May 1961, in Mount-Saint-Gregoire, Iberville, Quebec. Denise, daughter of Arthur Rondeau and Lucienne Barrierre, was born on the 28 of September 1934, in Mount-Saint-Gregoire, Iberville, Quebec.
Pierre and Denise had 3 children: Luke, Pascal and Robert.

12: Pascal Guertin was born on the 4 of July 1964, in Montreal, Quebec. He married Debbie Dal Broi, on the 2 of May 1987, in Yoogali, New South Wales, Australia. Debbie, daughter of John Dal Broi and Yvette Cadorin, was born on the 22 of August 1963, in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia.
Pascal and Debbie have 4 children: Joelle, Celine, Zachary and Lachlan.

If you have any comments, corrections or you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me, thank you